Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye..
it also includes the inner 
pictures of the soul.

-Edvard Munch-

It is Ann-marie’s desire to bring acute awareness to how environments effect how we think, feel and behave on a day to day basis.

This journey began during her MSc when she began to explore the idea of three dimensions and perception from a more philosophical view point by analysing 'the human condition' and more specifically the relationship to our surroundings. 

Over the years outstanding advances have been made in science and technology highlighting that our psychology and what is perceived has a direct physical impact on our wellbeing. She says 'people underestimate how the simplest characteristics such as height, texture or light literally affect brain waves patterns, leaving either negative or positive impressions'.

Ann-marie’s belief is that an interior should reflect the values, aspirations and state of being the owners and occupiers wish to attain holistically for the mind, body and spirit. 

With the advent and expansion of the Home Automation industry along with the  breakthroughs coming through about the human mind and it's inert connection to our being,   will give rise to what Ann-marie believes is the dawn of creating powerfully beautiful interiors for the future that truly enhance how we live.